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Bathroom Design Portland
Bathroom design Portland homeowners truly love comes from their personal choices. At NW Bath Systems¬†we specialize in fast, customized bathroom remodels. Design is paramount, and a bathroom you’ll love starts right here.

Get the bathroom design you’ve always wanted!

Our custom bathroom designer makes adding and subtracting features easy. With the touch of a button you can custom create your very own bathroom layout. This includes all of the features and accessories we can install in your newly designed bathroom. Cut out the middleman and take control of the look and functionality of your new bathroom today!

Portland Bathroom Design Features Include:

  • Customize the look and feel of your bathroom and shower design. Differences include textures and glass coloring.
  • Design you bathroom around usage needs. Choose from a wide variety of ADA approved accessory options for improved access.
  • Choose the perfect accents. Door trims, wall trims, fixtures and more can all be customized to your liking.
  • Get the right color for your mood. You choose the paint color and we’ll put the work in. We use long lasting, vibrant paints.
  • Accessories include built in soap dishes, shelving, and more. Get exactly the functionality you’re looking for.

Start you design out right!

Though much of bathroom design comes down to personal style, consider these tips before you get started. A solid foundation and choices that look at the future and not just the present can help you create a bathroom design Portland neighbors, friends, and family will adore.

Bathroom Design Tips

  1. Design around efficiency: One wall layouts are the most efficient. This places everything in a straight line and can be easiest when mobility or space are a concern.
  2. Choose the perfect bathtub: A whirlpool tub can provide therapeutic benefits that a soaking tub cannot. Consider the future as well if your residence is permanent.
  3. Set the perfect mood: Your bathroom should be a sanctuary. The color scheme you choose can really set the mood. The color of cabinetry can play a major role in this. Darker cabinetry stains work better with earth tones. Lighter stains and woods work better with pastels and bright hues.
  4. Add a touch of elegance with a window treatment: Fabric treatments help soften a bathroom and provide privacy. Choose an all-weather acrylic fabric for a window treatment that can withstand heat and moisture.
  5. Adopt a hotel stance on placement: Hotels use space saving measures. That can mean smaller sinks, towel storage above the lavatory, and high efficiency shower heads. Small touches like these can help expand your bathroom and take advantage of space.

Choose quality that’s built to last!

All of our tubs and showers are built from the strongest high quality acrylic. Not only do they come in a wide variety of colors. Built in the U.S.A., our showers and tubs come with a lifetime manufacturer warranty. That’s because they’re made to last. There’s nothing better when you need an easy to clean, mildew and mold resistant option.

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When you’re looking for customized bathroom design, Portland residents depend on us for our speed, quality, and affordability. We provide no cost consultations and estimates, so call (503) 928-8457 or contact us today!

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