Shower Enclosures

Shower Enclosures Portland
When it comes to customized shower enclosures, Portland residents know NW Bath Systems has the affordable prices and American made products they want. We make designing your perfect shower enclosure easier than ever.

Our advanced bathroom designer allows you to view your shower enclosures as you build them. With every option at your finger tips, all you have to do is decide. With hundreds of unique combinations we make personalization fun. Everything from trim to colors and materials are yours for the choosing. For shower enclosures, Portland deserves the very best, and with us you’ll get it from start to finish.

How to create the ideal shower enclosure.

Designing the right shower enclosures Portland home owners can enjoy for the long haul begins with the right tools. Our bathroom designer makes the process a simple one. You can change options on the fly, getting a visual of exactly what you can expect. Whether you just want a shower, or a shower/bath combination, we make it affordable and simple.

  • Choose your style: Our shower enclosures come in a variety of different styles. Whether you’re looking for sliding or hinged doors, we can accommodate you. Glass varieties ensure you get the look and the privacy you want. Smoked options block view while clear glass can open up a bathroom.
  • Choose your colors and patterns: The interior of a shower enclosure can really tie a bathroom together. We offer durable, stain and damage resistant acrylic interiors in a variety of colors and patterns. These include flat, diamond, windmill, brick, and rectangles in slate, river rock, granite, marble, and so much more.
  • Choose your frame: Curtain rods or door frames provide accent colors you can carry into other sections of your bathroom. These metallic highlights come in silver, gold, brass, brushed nickel, and more. We can even match them to the fixtures like the temperature handles and spout.

Personal Shower Enclosures Portland

Personalizing your new shower is easier than it’s ever been.

  • Shower Type – When it comes to shower enclosures, Portland property owners need the ability to customize. Different ages, body types, and living situations determine need, and that’s why we offer a wide variety of tub and shower shapes and sizes. Glass options range from standard to safety in various configurations, and we have a number of accessibility options for those who need them.
  • Shower Accessories – With a wide array of accessories to choose from, you can create the perfect shower enclosures Portland friends and family will envy. Helpful safety options like grab bars and seating complement a robust selection of storage solutions for bath supplies and soap. Choose from our classical curtain rods and variable shower heads.
  • Shower Scheme – Whether you want a brand new style or shower enclosures that match your own, we make it happen. Professional bathroom painting is the perfect bridge to your new colored shower interior, and can create a whole new aesthetic. Our Portland shower enclosures increase the value of your property, and all of our shower enclosures are made in America from durable acrylic. With a lifetime warranty, you’re always covered.

Installation of your enclosure is a breeze, because we do it all. With durable components, fast installation, and the ultimate in customization call (503) 928-8457 or Contact Us today for custom shower enclosures in Portland.

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