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Shower Enclosures Vancouver WA
When it comes to personalized shower enclosures, Vancouver WA residents depend on NW Bath Systems for quality products, complete installation, and affordable pricing. We make designing the shower enclosure you’ve always wanted easy.

We have hundreds of original combinations that make personalization a breeze. Everything from material choices to colors, trim types, and more are at your disposal. For shower enclosures Vancouver WA deserves the best. With our shower enclosure system you’ll receive it from start to finish.

Get a custom constructed shower enclosure your way!

Designing your very own shower enclosure doesn’t have to be hard! With our software it’s easy. With every option at your fingertips and real-time updating, you can see your progress as you make it. We offer a wide range of enclosure options that make it easy to match your personal style. With long lasting acrylic options, you know it’s built to last.

  • Find your shower: Many different door options make it possible to work with any bathroom shape. Sliding or hinged options comes in different glass types. Clear options can widen the scope of your bathroom. Increasing line of sight artificially creates a bigger space. Smoked glass is perfect for privacy in shared bathrooms.
  • Discover your style: The interior of your shower enclosure is just as important as the outside. That’s why we use strong acrylic that comes in a wide variety of patterns and colors. These include tile-like rectangle, flat, windmill, brick, and diamond shapes. Colors from across the spectrum come in solid shades. We also have patterns that mimic river rock, slate, marble, granite, and more. These provide an expensive feel without the cost.
  • Frame it your way: Curtain rods and shower door frames are great for accenting your color scheme. Metallic options come in brushed nickel, silver, brass, gold, and more. Pairing these with matching fixtures like temp knobs and spouts tie a bathroom together.

Personal Shower Enclosures Vancouver WA

Customizing your new shower enclosure is easier than ever!

  • Shower Type – With shower enclosures Vancouver WA property owners want customization that allows them to design around their needs. Unique living situations, body types, and ages all benefit from customized showers and tubs. We have models in a variety of shapes and sizes. Our enclosures can also be fitted with accessibility options to accommodate individuals.
  • Shower Accessories – Our accessories come in a wide variety so you can create the perfect shower enclosure. Safety options include grab bars and seating. Robust storage solutions are great for soap, bath supplies, and more. With variable shower heads and classical curtain rods you can have the luxury and the quality you want.
  • Shower Scheme – Whether you want a modernized version of an existing shower or brand new layout, we make it happen. Professional painting bridges your new shower enclosure and existing bathroom, creating a unified and gorgeous aesthetic. Our shower enclosures in Vancouver WA increase property value, and every shower enclosure we carry is made from durable acrylic and made in America. A manufacturer lifetime warranty gives you maximum coverage.

We make shower enclosure installation in Vancouver, WA easy, because we take care of it all. With fast installs, durable components, and the best in customization call (503) 928-8457 or Contact Us today for custom shower enclosures Vancouver WA residents love.

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